Residential SDA / Aged Care Facilities & Group Homes
Built with Precision & Efficiency

Clover Homes are the leading SDA / aged care building and construction company in Sydney.
We believe that growing older (and wiser) should be an enjoyable and memorable journey. When senior Australians decide it is time to accept extra care and support, we want them to feel confident and comfortable in their new home. We build residential aged care facilities with precision and efficiency. Most importantly, we build with quality workmanship in mind. By integrating these three core elements into our construction process, we ensure the projects we work on will stand the test of time. We have a number of projects completed and in progress in suburbs across the region. You may have already visited an aged care facility in Sydney we have built.


Rely on the Experience and Commitment of Clover Homes for SDA & Aged Care Construction

  • Adhere to all Regulations and Standards for Class 3 Buildings as per Australian standards
  • Open and Honest Cost Estimates
  • Transparent and Timely Communication with Everyone Involved
  • Precise and Comprehensive Reporting and Documentation
  • Effective Construction Approaches and Methods
  • High-Quality Craftsmanship Active and Engaged Team
  • Professional Assistance with Construction Design, Approvals, and Certifications

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Sydney’s SDA & Aged Care, Community and Group Home Builders of Choice

Clover Homes are honoured to be the builders of choice for aged care, group, and community homes in Sydney. A group home offers exceptional living standards for people living with dementia. Residents are cherished and receive around-the-clock support and care. Our commitment to building homes like they are ours is what we stand by. This commitment stands whether we are constructing aged care facilities or custom dream homes. Keep an eye out for updates on the latest group homes we are building in Forestville and Miranda in Sydney. 


Upholding Class 3 Building Requirements

Class 3 & 9 buildings in the national construction code fall under one of three sub-categories: 

  • Class 3c building – Residential care buildings, including nursing homes, aged care facilities, and group homes. These buildings are meant for residents who require daily assistance.
  • Class 9c building – Residential care buildings such as nursing, aged and group homes. Residents living in these buildings require daily assistance.

Aged Care Building Standards

Class 3c & 9c construction of aged care and group homes is our speciality. Our top priorities on these projects are to work efficiently and safely while following construction plans to a tee. Class 3c & 9c buildings have strict building requirements and standards. These standards ensure the structure is fit for purpose and safe for residents and staff. National standards must be abided by during construction to ensure the building passes all required certifications and audits. 

Clover Homes are dedicated to building with integrity and professionalism. In doing so, we are doing our part in supporting our local community to access the high-quality care these buildings provide.

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